Finding Your Prince Charming

biracial young couple smiling at the cameraLadies, do you ever find that men are able to do whatever they want when it comes to dating while you’re still looking for your one Prince Charming?

Well, new dating coaches and advisers are telling women that they can do whatever they want in the dating world, along with being exploratory by giving themselves options.

Women should have a group of men that they hang out with, giving them options and opportunity to get to know each of them on an individual yet friendly level. A “starting lineup” is what coaches call it, stating that you don’t have to get down and dirty with all of them, but allowing women to have options means you’re not focusing on just one person.

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Most of the time, you don’t find Prince Charming on the first or second try. With a “starting lineup,” though, you can ween out the keepers and find those who you can be exclusive with, letting that exclusivity emerge over time.