El Verano Means Getting Out The Grill!

Tia Betty yelling at her niece from the grill Hola, amorcitos!

Cuando sale el sol y ando por el barrio, huelo una cosa tan fuerte que me tiene en tranza: Carne. Meat is so delicious. You just want to sink your teeth into every juicy and watery bite! Y cada familia tiene su forma de arreglar la carne usando cosas como cerveza, limón y sal.

It’s time for parrilladas y estar afuera cada fin de semana, con los chiquillos andando en la yarda. It’s always a fun way to get some exercise and spend time with those we care about. And it’s always about the meat and the eating, verdad?

Well, there are a few meats that are healthier than others. I feel that we all know this to be true. Y no te estoy diciendo que tienes que hacer lo que yo hago, no. You can eat what you want and do what you want; solamente te estoy dando sugerencias. But remember, healthy meat is better for you when you’re watching your weight, cholesterol y si tienes diabetes.

Grilling is quite possibly one of the best ways to cook your food. You don’t need aceite, oil, or butter. No need for extra fattiness besides that of the meat. Almost every type of meat has fat in it.

Me, I like turkey burgers. Me encantan. In order to make them right you need flavor. Full flavor. Among the flavors I like to add are garlic, black pepper, onions and cayenne pepper. ¡Delicioso! Turkey burgers have less fat and the protein is good for your body. Add some lechuga, jitomate and mustard and you will be so full, your pansa will pop out of your pants!

If you like beef patties or any other meat besides turkey here are a few things to remember:

1. Find the lowest amount of fat on the meat. Compre la carne que dice que tiene 99 por ciento FAT FREE! Even though the meat might cost more, you’re paying for what you get: More meat, less fat.

2. When you buy steaks, cut the extra fat off. That is not going to help you when you have diabetes, amorcitos!

3. Look into purchasing chicken as well. Chicken is a light and clean option for the grill. Sprinkling on some pimienta, rub some chopped up ajo on it and there you go! Put it on the grill!

4. Don’t forget about the veggies! Cebollitas are delicious to put on the grill! Corn on the cob is a great option as well. Throw some things on there and get to eating healthy!

Tip: Make veggie packs. Make a pocket out of aluminum foil and fill it with sliced up veggies. Put the whole pack on the grill and the steam from the juice will make the veggies inside delicious. Haz una para cada persona!

Well, I hope you take some of this advice and share with me what your burgers and parrilladas look like! Share them on my Facebook page or send them to me on Twitter!

Hasta la próxima, amorcitos!


Tía Betty