How To Take A Lead On Diabetes Precautions

A young woman with long brown hair has her fork in a salad smiling at the cameraHaving to think about all of the precautions when you have diabetes can be overwhelming. Letting it slip is easy, especially when you’re used to doing things and no one taught you any different about controlling your diabetes.

Being weary of what can hurt or harm is important. The following are ways that you can take your diabetes under control and keep yourself healthy.

1. Make foot exams easy

Your feet should be kept clean and clear of sores or cuts. Wearing shoes around the house is important along with socks on a daily basis to prevent moisture build up, fungi or rashes. The best way to check the bottoms of your feet is with a mirror. Finding a “self-exam telescoping mirror” can be the answer for you, making checking the soles of your feet much easier.

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