True or False? Myths of Latino Households

Girl makes a funny face with wet hairGrowing up in Latino households, you were warned about everything. From going out in the cold with wet hair to walking around barefoot, precautions preceded your every move.

Additionally, you probably grew up with home remedies and various other sayings that you try to forget but linger in the back of your head, making you wonder how much truth there were to them.

As many will tell you, these sayings and precautions come with experience. Things that have happened in your parents’ younger days have stuck with them, leading them to warn you about swimming after eating.

Don’t read in low light! You’ll go blind! 

We can totally understand why parents would think this. Dim lights, squinting, unable to see certain words. It makes sense. Unfortunately, it will not go to the extreme of making you go blind. However, it will in fact cause tired eyes and quite possibly headaches from the squinting and stress of your eyes attempting to focus on the words you are reading.