Summer Ready: Try These 3 Hydrating Drinks

Just about everywhere in the U.S. is currently experiencing an intense heat wave as we’re getting closer to the thick of summer and we can only expect it to get hotter. No matter where you’re located though, as the temperatures across the country increases, it’s important to keep a good sunscreen on deck and to stay hydrated.

If you’re one of those people who feels like drinking water is an unwanted chore you have to cross off your to-do list, the good news is there are other delicious ways to replenish your thirst levels. So, the next time you’re heading outside to the beach or going for a run around the park, be sure to grab one of these drinks in addition to your water to rehydrate you when you’re feeling parched.

Watermelon Water
Besides being deliciously hydrating (hence its name WATER-MELON), watermelon water has a ton of benefits. Loaded with way more potassium than the average sports drink, watermelon water is a great hydrating drink to have during your workout since the naturally occurring potassium serves as a key electrolyte.

Additionally, watermelon water contains Vitamin C, l-citrulline (amino acid) and lycopene (antioxidants), which is beneficial to the body as it supports cardiovascular health, bone health and has anti-inflammatory properties. There are a few bands of bottled watermelon water that are sold at some grocery stores, but you can also slice a few pieces of watermelon and throw it in the blender to make your own.

Coconut Water
I’m in love with the coco! Well, coconut water. Found in the center of a young, green coconut, coconut water helps to nourish the fruit and is packed with several important nutrients and