Depression With Diabetes

man in a blue shirt covers his face in despair Hola amorcitos!

Espero que todos se encuentren muy bien hoy. Cada día trato de poner un pedacito de inspiración on Twitter. Usually, I wake up and post about the sun, the sky and ways to keep your head up and keep going!

Sometimes it’s hard having a chronic illness. Te digo la verdad. You can get upset since your blood sugar levels aren’t always where you want them to be. You can get sick and tired of counting carbs and sometimes, you don’t want to exercise. Es fácil caer en la depresión cuando te sientes incapacitado. Or that no one can understand where you are coming from. Trust me, yo me sentí así.

For many of us, hearing that we have to make life changes after living 40 or 50 years doing the same thing… es durísimo.

Yo no quise cambiar. Why would you? Counting carbohydrates, giving up liquor and regular soda, giving up fast food and exercising for me didn’t sound like any fun at all. I lived in denial for about two years después que me dijeron que tenía la diabetes tipo 2.