Los Tigres Del Norte Dare To Talk About What Really Matters

The Hispanic community isn’t as outspoken as the black community when it comes to the political and social injustices that happen. They don’t have a #blacklivesmatter type of movement, their hidden weapon is musicians that are rocking the vote and singing about social injustice. This is the case for Los Tigres del Norte, who sing about real stories, things that no one dares to talk about, they sing corridos about immigration, love, and even narcos–some of their songs are even banned from Mexican radio stations.

They dare to talk about issues of immigration because they lived it themselves at an early age. The group which is composed of 3 brothers, Jorge, Hernán, and Eduardo Hernández, plus their cousin Oscar Lara. When the Hernández brothers crossed the border in 1968, an immigration officer called them “young little tigers” and the name stuck.

“Since the beginning of our career, we’ve sung what people live, what’s currently happening,” says bass player Hernán Hernandez to Ravinia Magazine. “And the audience themselves give us the stories. They’re the ones who say, ‘Sing about this. No one else dares to do so.'”