Wisin’s Newborn Daughter Is Born With Patau Syndrome

Wisin and his wife Yomaira Ortiz recently shared the sad news that their newborn daughter Victoria, suffers from a genetic disorder called Patau Syndrome or Trisomy 13. This genetic disorder affects 1 in every 10,000 children, where the baby is born with 13 chromosomes or an extra chromosome, which can lead to a variety of health problems.

Wisin and his wife found out about the genetic disorder their daughter would be born with when she was 5 months pregnant. Their doctor told them that they had the option to have an abortion, but they just couldn’t do it.

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“Don’t abort your babies, even when the doctors recommend it. The doctors will try to convince you that abortion is the right way to go, but that’s not the route that God wants you to choose, because we’re no one to decide the life of a human being, even when it’s your child. Believe that God has a perfect plan, even when you don’t know why, and don’t know how. Victoria has completed every one of her goals from the moment we knew what she had. We give glory to God because I made the decision to have her without knowing what would happen, because we know that God knows what he does,” said Yomaira Ortiz.