Alejandra Guzman’s Botched Butt Procedure Has Cost Her 23 Surgeries

Alejandra Guzman is celebrating almost 30 years in the music industry. The singer has had a very successful career, but the one thing that put her life on hold was the butt-enhancing cosmetic surgery which sent her to the hospital and almost ended her life.

“I told the doctor, if you have to cut out my butt cheeks, then cut them off, what I want is to stay alive,” says Alejandra Guzman. She received butt injections to plump her butt, but the chemicals they injected contained dangerous chemicals that were eating away her insides.

“I’ve been suffering 7 years from this, I’ve had 23 surgeries already,” she says. She’s had 2 titanium hip replacements and was on the verge of dying many times. She has a doctor that checks up on her progress periodically because the infection could come back at any time.