30-Day Squat Challenge| Is It Worth It?

Many of us are already thinking about our fitness goals for the New Year and one of the most popular challenges on social media is the Squat Challenge. This is an ongoing trend that has friends motivating others to do a set number of squats each day, but some critics have been questioning the challenge.

Some people believe that these types of challenges are only temporary and that if you want to lose weight and keep it off permanently, then you need to find a fitness routine that does much more than just one type of exercise. The 30-day squat challenge in Fitness Magazine promises that you will have a better butt in just one challenge, but the fact is that if you stop after just one month, your butt will not keep it’s perkiness moving forward.squat challenge

The squat challenge is a great way to pass time, especially when you’re by yourself, bored, at work. There is no equipment needed, so you can definitely pull it off during your 15-minute break or lunch. We suggest that you take away the squat challenge and add it to your daily workout because doing squats should not be a temporary 30-day thing, it should be part of your permanent routine.

Benefits of Squats
There are so many variations of squats and they are very popular because they can help you target various areas such as your legs and core, but they can do way much more:squats