Black Friday/Cyber Monday Can Lead To Shopping Anxiety (Tips to Cope)

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and many other super sales can score you some great money saving deals, but they can also make you feel anxious and even cause panic attacks. Shopping anxiety is a real thing and there are ways to help you cope with feeling a certain way while shopping for your friends and relatives this Christmas season.

There are different types of anxiety that occur when you go shopping. There are people that have social anxiety, those that get anxious when they see so many people at the mall or in line to pay. There are others that are anxious because they feel like they need to buy things that are on sale or others that are just counting the days until Christmas and don’t want to disappoint loved ones with their gift anxiety

Tips That Can Help You Manage

Make a list: Many times we go to the store without knowing what we want to buy, which makes it hard to shop. Write down the names of people that you are getting gifts for and possible gift ideas. Feel free to ask them what they want, or ask them about what they think about this particular gift, that way you’ll have an idea about what they like.

Have a budget: Often we go to the mall without a budget and this can cause you to overspend. Make a mental note or use your smartphone to keep track of your expenses. Or better yet, pay with cash, that way you can stick to your budget and not worry about the anxiety that comes with overspending, later.cyber monday, shopping online