Bad Cough? Try These Home Remedies!

A bad cough could put a damper on your life, prevent you from working, going to school, and even functioning at 100%. But not to worry because we’ve got you covered, we’ve borrowed some natural home remedies from mom, which can help get rid of that cough in no time.woman coughing

Why do we develop coughs?

A cough usually begins with a tickle in your throat and this happens when a virus, bacteria, dust, pollen, or any other substance irritates your nerve endings that are located in the airways between the throat and lungs. When you start coughing, this is a way of your body trying to clear the passages. This is why it’s important to relieve a cough as soon as possible. The longer something stays in the way of your airways, the more prone you are to developing a serious illness.


Natural Remedies


In the Hispanic community cinnamon tea is very popular, especially when you have a cough. Adding lemon and honey is a great way to soothe a sore throat, which can help reduce nighttime coughing.