Celebrities With Hairy Armpits|What's Going On?

Michelle Rodriguez was recently photographed with hairy armpits, but she’s not alone. Social media has caught several celebrities, like Madonna, Miley Cyrus and even Julia Roberts with untrimmed armpit hair. Not shaving your armpits is nothing new, many people don’t believe in shaving, especially in the Latino culture, not to mention that a lot of men don’t shave their armpits either. Some people are grossed out with armpit hair, but it’s really a personal decision.michelle rodriguez, michelle rodriguez hairy armpits

Some people decide to shave their armpits just for fun, like these celebrities do. They don’t like to follow the standard, so they do it to be different or even dye their armpit hair so that it stands out.Those with sensitive skin could actually benefit from growing out their armpit hair. Shaving too much can actually cause irritation, bumps and infection.