Infused Water for Weight Loss

Losing weight can be so difficult, especially since you have to start watching what you eat and drink. There are so many added sugars in sodas and flavored drinks, that without knowing you could be ingesting many calories without even knowing it. Infused water is a healthier alternative that can even aid in weight loss.

INFUSED WATER, water with lemon and apple slices

What is infused water? Infused water is generally any type of water than you can add a combination of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Those that don’t enjoy the taste of plain water can greatly benefit from infused water because it’s low calorie and tastes great. In addition, infused water can carry a variety of health benefits, such as:

Flushes toxins from your body
Fills you up so you don’t eat as much
Helps release fat cells
Good for digestion
Reduces fatigue while working out
Improves your mood
Helps you keep hydrated