Children With Abnormal Cholesterol Are At Risk For Heart Disease

Nothing good comes from leading an unhealthy lifestyle and this starts at home. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 21% of American children and teens have some form of “abnormal” blood cholesterol reading that puts them at risk for heart disease as they get older.

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CDC researchers compiled federal health data from 2011-2014 and they found that:

13% of kids had unhealthy low levels of HDL (good) cholesterol
8% had high levels of other forms of cholesterol that are bad for the arteries
7% had unhealthy high levels of “total cholesterolgirl reading, hispanic girl, hispanic girl reading

Obesity helped drive these trends because 43% of children that were obese had an abnormal cholesterol reading, compared to 14% of children that were normal weight. Unfortunately the numbers only get worse as kids age. For example, 6% of kids ages 6 to 8 had high levels of bad cholesterol and those numbers doubled to 12% by the time the kids reached their mid-teens.