Concealer Hacks You Need to Try

Concealer has been around for years, but many women confuse it with foundation.  Concealer is a flesh-toned cosmetic that is used to cover facial blemishes, like dark circles and acne. There are different types of concealers for different skin tones and different discolored areas, which is why it’s important to know how to apply and choose the right one for your skin.

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How to Choose a Concealerconcealer, liquid concealer, brush with nude concealer

Liquid concealer: Best for normal, combination, oily, sensitive, andacne prone skin

Stick concealer: Best for normal, dry and sensitive skin

Cream concealer: Best for normal, dry, combination or sensitive skin

Cream to Powder concealer: Best for normal, slightly dry, combination or sensitive skin

Color correcting concealer: Best for undereye circles, redness in the cheecks or sallowness (yellowness of the skin).


Purple: Counteracts yellowish skin tones

Yellow: Counteracts with purple tones from dark circles or scars. Also helps highlight brows and cheekbones

Pink: Neutralizes lighter skin tones, can make pale skin less pale

Orange: Neutralizes blue to grayish tones on darker skin tones

How to Apply Concealer

First apply moisturizer, then foundation and finally the concealer.  Dab the concealer onto the problem areas with your finger, brush or sponge and beging blending it in until you can barely see it.

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