Reduce Open Pores with These Home Remedies

Every day we see our friends and families posting selfies on Facebook and Twitter and the better the camera the better the detail on our faces. This includes ugly things, that unless you use an app or a filter, they can bring focus to things you’re trying to hide, like open pores.

Many times women wear thick foundation to cover open pores, but that only makes things worse. Pores are supposed to be small and allow your skin to breathe and let your body’s natural oils do their magic. Some women can get away with just washing their skin with soap and water, but for most, there’s work to be done to keep their pores small, clean and invisible.152951254_XS

Tips to Reduce Open Pores

The first thing you have to find out what your skin type is and find a facial cleanser that is designed for your skin type. People with oily skin tend to have more open pores because they have overactive sebaceous glands that keep producing oil. This makes pores lose their elasticity of the skin and making them more open and visible. Simple things can make a world of a difference on your skin, such as: