Lose 10 Pounds As A Runner

Woman in yellow tanktop running with urban backgroundSo you’ve been running for a while but you’ve hit a plateau with your weight loss. What do you do now? Well, don’t stop running. It is one of the best and most efficient ways for burning fat.

Beginners will experience weight management within the first few weeks. Weight management is important especially if you’re goal-oriented with running. You will run slower with unnecessary weight.

Getting to your ideal weight, though, can be a struggle for most people even with a good running program and losing 10 pounds may feel like it’s taking too long. The best ways to see results is by changing your diet a little bit and making sure that your running is adhering to the “afterburn” principles.

The One-Stop Solution: Diet

It’s a pain to change your entire diet to lose just a little bit of weight. Ask any Latina. It’s hard, tedious and can’t be sustained in the long term. Instead, you have to take it easy and make one change at a time which can dramatically help you lose weight.