Daddy Yankee’s Past Struggles with Gun Violence & Alcoholism

Parents don’t realize how everything they do affect their children even at a young age. Daddy Yankee grew up with a father that was an alcoholic. Even though he’s a successful artist now, it wasn’t easy growing up with a father that had an alcohol addiction. Something that might have kept him outside of his home and in the streets where he was a victim of gun violence at a very young age.

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“I think that a child should never have to see a father that is affected by drugs and alcohol,” said Daddy Yankee in an interview with Ventaneado. “Seeing a home where alcohol and drugs are the daily bread [it] was very hard to live that life, there are some scars that are difficult to heal, but the marks are still there.” His father is now clean and Daddy Yankee says his father is a completely different person now that he’s not under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

daddy-yankee-75189-114076As a kid, Daddy Yankee loved sports and baseball was what kept him out of trouble for the most part. “You have to play baseball or box. If you don’t do one of those, you are not Puerto Rican,” he said in an interview with MTV. Sadly, Daddy Yankee came into contact with gun violence at just 6 years old when he saw his coach get shot dead right on the baseball field. “When you’re a kid, you’re just shocked: Your role model gets killed and that is something you never forget.”