Lorena Bobbit Resurfaces 20 Years Later & Continues to Bring Awareness to Victims of Domestic Violence

One of the things she talks about is the battered women’s syndrome and this happens when someone is physically abused by their partner. The term was coined by Lenore Walker, EdD, founder of the Domestic Violence Institute.

There are three phases:

Tension builds up between the batterer and the woman
An explosion or encounter when the woman is the victim of battering and could be seriously injured
When the abuser is calm and loving, pleads to be forgiven and promises to get help, also known as the “honeymoon phase”

Walker believes that battered woman syndrome is similar to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a psychological disorder that happens when that person faces or witnesses a traumatic event. Lorena in this case was so traumatized by her partner’s abuse that she believed she was in danger even when she was safe.

If you or someone is being physically, emotionally or psychologically, talk to your doctor, seek shelter and have a safety plan. The National Domestic Violence Hotline is a good place to start.

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