Lorena Bobbit Resurfaces 20 Years Later & Continues to Bring Awareness to Victims of Domestic Violence

Lorena Bobbit made headlines over 20 years ago because she cut off her then husband’s penis off after years of putting up with domestic abuse. Bobbit, who is now 46 was arrested in 1993 for cutting off John Bobbit’s penis with a kitchen knife.She was acquitted by reason of temporary insanity and has used this experience to bring awareness and help victims of domestic violence.lorena-gallo

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In an interview with Steve Harvey, the Ecuadorian told him that her ex-husband tried reaching out to her after this happened, but she always deleted his number. Lorena is remarried to a wonderful man that is a gentleman and someone that treats her like he’s supposed to. “I have a new life and I just want to focus on what is positive and I [have] surrounded myself with positive people,” she tells Harvey. She lives in Virginia with her husband and daughter, Olivia. In 2008, she founded “Lorena’s Red Wagon,” a non-profit organization that helps victims of domestic violence.