Nuestros Cuentos: Living a Balanced Lifestyle

Lucero Rodriguez after the Chicago Marathon 2012

A full time mom, psychotherapist and athlete, Lucero Rodríguez knows a thing or two about pushing her limits and achieving goals.

In our first personal story for “Nuestros Cuentos,” Rodríguez tells about her evolving journey of staying healthy and being a  healthy role model for her daughter, Zoe, physically, mentally and spiritually.

When did you decide to start taking charge of your health and why?

I started exercising at age 13 at the local YMCA. I had been involved with sports such as martial arts and basketball. I also had asthma, which limited my physical abilities. When I first began to workout at this age it was for the wrong reasons, I wanted to lose weight to be accepted and not teased–to fit in.