Multiple Myeloma Diet

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can help keep patients with myeloma, healthy. When it comes to having a life-threatening disease like multiple myeloma—a specialized diet can help them cope better with this type of blood cancer.

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Patients with myeloma tend to fall into three general diet categories: patients that eat poorly, patients at high risk for infection and patients with a lot of hunger.

Some drugs that are used to treat myeloma can cause patients nausea and vomiting, which gives patients a difficult time keeping food inside their system. When this happens their diet can consist in very low protein or calories, which puts them at a risk for infection.200301565-001

With myeloma, cancer is attacking their white and red blood cells, so their immune system isn’t as strong. Doctors normally recommend patients to stay away from foods that contain germs and this includes some fruits and vegetables.