Yoga Helped Me and Now I’m Helping Others With Yoga

Anyone that’s ever broken a bone in his or her body knows how difficult and stressful this experience can be, especially if it’s a foot or ankle that limits you from walking. Sabina Sandoval broke her ankle in 2007 and she spent most of the winter with a cast on her foot and barely walking on crutches. Yoga helped her regain her strength and gave her a passion for yoga that has helped change the lives of many.

She saw a flyer for a senior yoga class at a nearby community center and since her physical therapist recommended yoga to regain strength back in her ankle, she decided to give it a shot. She wasn’t quite a senior, but was in her late 50’s and needed the help of a cane to walk, so she decided to go anyways.

“I had never done yoga before, but the older women in the class welcomed me and I was inspired by them because if they could do the movements that they’re older, so could I,” says Sandoval. She began learning the breathing exercises and poses little by little. “I remember how difficult it was because I was so scared to put too much pressure on my ankle,” she says. It was difficult at first, but the yoga teacher encouraged her to try different poses at her own pace, even if she couldn’t fully execute them. Yoga instructors know that not everyone is capable of doing perfect poses when they first start. It’s important to slowly learn different poses because your body will eventually become more flexible and strong as you continue.