What Is Causing My Foot Pain?

Foot pain is very common among women, in fact, 1 in 4 women suffer from foot pain and a big reason for this is the shoes you wear. There are several types of foot pain, from heel pain, the ball of the foot pain, and even toe pain that can lead to horrible pain and affect your day-to-day activities. What are the differences and what can you do about it?

Heel Pain

Plantar fasciitis is the thickening or inflammation of the plantar fascia, which is a band of tissue that runs underneath the sole of the foot. When you stand on your foot and the arch drops down, it’s getting stretched and where it attaches to the heel bone it causes micro-tears, which is the pain you are feeling.ThinkstockPhotos-465496095


New way of exercising
Rheumatoid arthritis
Poor support in your shoes
Flat feet
Unusually high arch
Legs are an uneven length
Achilles tendons

Remedies for this include cooling it off with something cold like an ice pack or rolling a tennis ball and massaging your foot arch. There are also stretching exercises that can help, as well as wearing shoes that offer good arch support.
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