HIV Prevention Drug is 100% Effective

In the U.S., 1.2 million people are living with HIV and almost 1 in 8 people that are infected are unaware they have it. Truvada is a pill that is used to prevent HIV and it was approved by the FDA in 2012. A recent study confirms that the HIV prevention drug is 100% effective, which is groundbreaking.

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The study used patients at high risk of getting HIV; these include people that are gay, homosexual and men having sex with men. The study was published in the journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases. The pill is for people who do not have the virus yet, but that are at risk of getting it if they don’t take the necessary precautions. The study was conducted for 2.5 years and none of the 657 participants became infected with HIV, which confirms that Truvada can effectively prevent someone from contracting the disease. The pill prevents HIV cells from multiplying throughout the body.

There are some side effects of the drug, which can affect people’s kidneys and liver function, as well as decrease bone marrow density, which leads to osteoporosis. These side effects can be reversible over time or when you stop taking the medication. Another downside of the drug is that it is very expensive, ranging from $1500 to $2,000 a month.

Critics say the drug encourages people to have unsafe sex and the study confirms this because even though participants showed no HIV infections, half of them did show new , which means they were not practicing safe sex. Many of the patients said they were no longer using condoms because of the drug.