Benefits of Having Strong Muscles

Michelle Obama is always rocking sleeveless dresses and her toned arms are the envy of many. Who doesn’t love toned arms and the lack of underarm flabby skin that you develop as you get older. In addition to having muscles that make you look and feel great, did you know that building strong muscles is good for your health?

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When it comes to lifting weights, most people do it for the upper/lower body strength and to look good. Let’s face it, there’s something great about being able to flex your muscles and show off your hard work, after all you’ve earned those toned muscles, so why not show them off. While muscles look great on the outside, they’re even better on the inside of your body.


Benefits of toning your muscles

Strong muscles make you stronger
Improves coordination of muscles
You’ll burn fat and helps reduce your chances for obesity
Helps keep your blood sugar down because building muscle increases the muscles’ demand for glucose
Helps melt away visceral fat that builds up around your organs
Boosts oxygen levels in your body
Keeps the brain and the nervous system active
Improves joint mobility and slows down osteoporosis
Decreases your stress levels
You’ll sleep better and have more energy