Are You Hangry?

Are you in a terrible mood when you’re hungry?  You work late, you’re rushing to get home, and someone gets in your way or says something that quickly annoys you and you snap. We’ve all been there and there’s a simple reason why you’re feeling hangry.

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Your blood sugar is low. Many people assume that only diabetics have to control their blood sugar, when in reality everyone should do exactly the same thing. When you have diabetes the first thing your doctor tells you is to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. This helps prevent your sugar from going down and prevents the shakes, getting dizzy, which is very common when your blood sugar is down and it indicates that you need to eat ASAP.


Your brain’s primary fuel source is glucose, which your body makes from the food you eat. Your brain is just 2% of your body weight, but it uses 20-30% of the energy you consume. When you go through an episode of being hangry, this is your brain having a difficult time controlling its emotions. Your brain is starving for glucose and your appetite hormones that are telling your brain that you’re hungry are also linked to brain regions that promote your stress and anxiety.

Many people stress eat and when they do, they reach for the junk food, which is what is ready and available at the moment when you’re starving. Now that you know the solution to avoid being hangry, you can prepare.