Drop Those Cigarettes if You Have Diabetes

Smoking is not good for anyone, especially diabetics. Yet, many people are being tricked into using e-cigarettes because they think they are better than traditional tobacco cigarettes. The fact is that if you have diabetes, any type of smoking is bad for you.

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Nicotine raises the level of hemoglobin by much as by 34%, which is why people that have diabetes and smoke have higher blood sugar levels and have a more difficult time controlling their sugar.

ThinkstockPhotos-469576303In addition, smoking and diabetes increase the risk for heart disease. High levels of blood glucose and smoking damage the walls of the arteries allowing fatty deposits to build easily. This makes blood vessels narrow, which make blood circulation more difficult.

Diabetic smokers also have more nerve damage and kidney failure. Smokers that have diabetes are not able to control their blood sugar level that has nicotine, which is why they develop kidney failure, blindness and diabetic peripheral neuropathy.