Could You Color Your Stress Away?

The other day I went to Barnes and Noble and to my surprise right at the entrance of the store there was adult coloring books. I opened up one of these coloring books and found beautiful black and white intricate designs that can be beautifully colored by adults. Adult coloring books have come to life on social media, where people share their beautiful colored-in books as a form of art therapy.

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This is nothing new because adult coloring books have been around for decades. Yet, recently a publisher ordered an adult coloring book for Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt & Coloring Book, and people love it because since then they have sold over 2 million copies and it continues to be on the best-sellers list. Bookstores cannot keep them on the shelves due to their increased popularity.635635919406934931-Johanna-Basford-Enchanted-Forest-courtesy-the-artist-and-Laurence-King-3

What is Art Therapy?