When a Blood Transfusion Hits Close to Home

I’ve never liked needles and the thought of donating blood made me squirm. The first time I donated blood was last year and after I donated I felt really good because the simple fact that this blood donation could potentially save someone’s life is amazing. Then this same scenario hit close to home when my brother who has chronic kidney disease needed a blood transfusion just a couple of months ago.

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It was one of the scariest experiences of my life, seeing my brother in the emergency room. It all started with a twitch in his body, which led us to take him to the hospital. We knew it might be associated with his kidney disease, but we weren’t sure. To our surprise his original kidney transplant was failing and this caused his body to go into shock, which is where the twitch came from. His calcium and iron levels were extremely low, so they had to do a blood transfusion.ThinkstockPhotos-526248951

Two days later the doctors were surprised that his body had reacted so positively to the blood transfusion because the twitch was gradually going away. Even though my brother has kidney failure and now has to go through dialysis until he receives another kidney transplant, we are all grateful for the people that take the time out of their busy lives to give a donation.

I recently donated blood again as a way to replace the blood my brother was given. I think that as long as we are healthy and have good iron levels, we should definitely take the initiative to donate because you never know when a situation like this will hit close to home.