The Struggle of People With Invisible Disabilities

Being diagnosed chronic illness is a life changing experience and many times it’s something you are born with or developed. Handicapped parking has always been a touchy subject because many times people with chronic illnesses can look as normal as the next person, but they could still be in a lot of pain, making their disability invisible to others.

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What people have to remember is that handicapped parking is not a perk for having a chronic illness–it’s a necessity for many people living with pain or a disability. There are many people that don’t even apply for a handicapped tag because they have invisible disabilities and they fear being mistaken for someone that is abusing the handicapped privileges.ThinkstockPhotos-481479816

There have been reports about people abusing handicapped parking and there are even Facebook pages dedicated to harrassing people and videos on YouTube of such incidents.  It’s really a big issue in our country because strangers often bully people and even vandalize their cars when they don’t see that they have a physical disability.