Handwriting is Getting Written Off Curriculums

Handwriting is becoming obsolete and it’s quite sad. I still remember the big yellowish paper with rows horizontal lines, both solid and dotted where you would practice both cursive and handwriting. Our teachers would teach us how to join our words together, teaching us how to properly loop our o’s, guiding our hands in graceful circular movements. It’s really a work of art and when we see photos of beautiful vintage books that were handwritten and you often wonder why they are eliminating this from school curriculums, especially when handwriting has so many benefits.

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Computers have improved our quality of life and have facilitated the way we communicate and even write. Unfortunately many of the younger generations will never know what it is to write down notes or have handwritten assignments because everything is done through computers and online.


Benefits of Handwriting

Taking handwritten notes help you remember and understand things better. Remember when your teacher or parents used to punish you by writing multiple phrases on a sheet of paper or on the blackboard? The same thing happens with handwriting, it stimulates you memory in a unique way, helping you retain what you’ve written for a longer period of time.

Doctors have always recommended patients to read write things down because keeping an active mind delays dementia and Alzheimer’s. The movements you do with your hand as you write something down activate the motor areas of your brain. It also keeps you from getting distracted, so it keeps your mind sharp as you get older.