Don’t Skip Meals, Especially If You Have Diabetes

Coping with diabetes can be difficult, especially when it comes to your eating habits. Before being diagnosed with diabetes, you probably didn’t have to worry much about your blood sugar. You knew it was there, but it didn’t really affect you. When you have diabetes that changes because what you eat or not eat affects your blood glucose, which is why it’s important not to skip meals.

ThinkstockPhotos-480114158The most important meal of the day is breakfast; this is when you need the most energy to get you through the day. For diabetics, it is especially important that you don’t skip breakfast or fast until midday because this may cause your blood sugar to spike throughout the day, which doesn’t feel great.

Signs of High Blood Sugar

Very thirsty
Blurry vision
Have to use the bathroom often
Sick to your stomach

A recent study with type 2 diabetes patients found that those patients that missed breakfast had a higher than usual surge in blood sugar after lunch and dinner. Skipping breakfast gave their bodies a more difficult time when it came to processing glucose, which reduced their ability to convert blood sugar into energy.