Happy Birthday, Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes close-up photo

Eva Mendes celebrates her 39th birthday today and although she’s older than some people would like to admit, her body is equivalent to those 10 to 15 younger than she is. What is the secret to her healthful success and her stunning good looks besides being Latina and getting intimate with Ryan Gosling?

Over the years, Mendes has done a series of risqué photo shoots that go hand-in-hand with the interviews for magazines all over the world. The unavoidable question pertains to what she does to keep her figure along with the curves that she inherited from her Cuban parents, something that plenty of Latinas know a thing or two about. Inclusive of workouts, she also has a unique way of looking at her diet, though it isn’t fool proof from having emotional or bodily perception issues.

According to interviews that she’s done, Mendes says that her figure was something she had to embrace
Here are a few ways that Mendes keeps her 5-foot 6-inch modeling-self as good-looking as a 19-year-old beauty queen.