How To Deal With Picky Eaters

All children go through phases where they just don’t want to eat. Many times moms do everything they can to feed them well and introduce them to a variety of foods when they’re babies, but as the child grows, they might not like the same foods. Most parents suffer from having a picky eater, a child that only wants to eat chicken nuggets for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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You never want to give in and give your child everything he wants to eat because first and foremost is his health. A diet rich in chicken nuggets or sweets, which is what kids like the most is not good because they run the risk of being anemic if they don’t get the nutrients they need.ThinkstockPhotos-99022439

It’s very important not to take picky eaters for granted. A recent study from Duke University found that picky eaters are at a higher risk of psychiatric problems down the road. Children that are picky eaters tend to be sensitive kids that see things differently. This is why it’s important to try different things in order to introduce your child to new types of foods.