Are You More Prone to Mosquito Bites Than Others?

Mosquitoes are some of the deadliest animals in the world. Many of us only have to worry about them during the summer, since they like the warm weather, but others have to deal with them year-round. There are myths that mosquitos love sugar and that diabetics are more prone to getting bit, but that’s not true. So what attracts these pesky creatures to bite us?


Contrary to what people may think, mosquitos get their sugar from plants, just the way butterflies and bees do from flowers. Mosquitos love people who produce certain types of acids, like uric acids. This explains why some people get bit the most during a bbq because high uric acid foods which include meat and processed meats.


Blood Type

While many people may not know their blood type, it might be a good idea to ask your doctor what blood type you have. One study found that in a controlled setting, people with Type O blood were twice as likely to get bit by a mosquito than other types.