Feeling Sluggish After a Great Weekend?

One of the best things about the weekend is being able to relax and enjoy yourself. Many of us get invited to birthday parties, social events, and dinners at restaurants, where we often overindulge. When you’re hanging out with loved ones, family or friends it’s often difficult to say no to alcoholic drinks and delicious food. We don’t feel guilty while were having a good time, but the next day or the start of the new week we feel sluggish and guilty because we overdid it.


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Too many calories or a sodium overdose is more common than you think, especially during the summer. One of the first things you have to do is acknowledge that you overdid it and don’t beat yourself up. Many times we make it a habit to overeat at night, especially when we’re having a great time. Don’t feel guilty about it, instead acknowledge your behavior and start fresh. Being negative doesn’t get you anywhere.