5 Reasons To Use Limes and Lemons Every Day

Medicinal uses: limes and lemons are well-known for its acid taste, but this acid is an anti-bacterial. They have antibacterial, antiseptic and disinfectant properties. If you have a cut or an insect bite you can apply some lemon or lime juice. It will sting for sure, but it will also heal fast! You can also rinse your mouth when washing your teeth with lemon juice, it will get rid of all the bacteria, it prevents gums disease, and it can help whiten your teeth.

A boost of vitamin C: Drinking lemon, lime, or orange juice can help get you your daily dose of vitamin, improve your eye health, and it can help fight scurvy (a vitamin C deficiency). It can also help keep your immune system strong, keep colds away, as well as constipation, urinary infection, diabetes, and much more.citrus

Cleansing properties: Adding some drops of lime or lemon juice to your facial cleanser or shampoo will increase their properties and even help lighten your hair and face scars and sunspots.

Natural cleaner:  Lemon juice and boiling water is a great way to whiten clothes if you don’t like using bleach.  You can also use half lemon or lime to sanitize your cutting board after or you can put some lemon juice in a spray bottle to clean the countertops or dishwasher.

As you can see limes and lemons have more uses than you ever thought and they a great and natural alternative to issues we all face on a daily basis. And best of all: one of the cheapest fruits you can get!