Benefits of Body Wrapping

Body wrapping is nothing new, people have used body wrapping for a number of things including losing weight, alleviating pain, and much more. Now we’re seeing it at spas and it’s becoming more and more trendy since we like alternative medicine for the fraction of the cost.

body wrapHere are some of best ways to use body wrapping:

Weight loss: this is one of the best-known benefits of body wrapping and it mainly consists in wrapping yourself in plastic wrap. First, hydrate your skin with an essential oil like coconut oil, so you don’t suffer from skin irritation or dry skin. After you are covered in plastic, you can do cardio and sweat off the excess weight you want to lose.
Fight congestion and cold: in order to fight a cold and congestion, ginger wraps can be used. You just have to mix one tablespoon of ginger with some body lotion and apply it on your chest. After that, cover yourself with plastic and leave it for 1 hour. Ginger will help your immune system fight germs and will clear your nasal cavities so you can breathe again.
Pain relief: By wrapping your feet you can help relieve and alleviate different pain and illnesses from other parts of your body. Massaging your feet can boost the effectiveness of the wrap. Again, you can use your favorite essential oil to moisturize your feet and the just wrap them in plastic.