J-lo’s Sleep Deprivation Caused Her Severe Anxiety

Life is full of adventure, opportunities, and surprises that if you don’t take advantage of them now, you might miss out. Jennifer Lopez is a testament to that because her life has been full of great surprises, lots of job opportunities, which have landed her in the spotlight for a long time. The actress who is now 46 remembers that she had to learn the importance of sleep the hard way and we all could learn from her experience.

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Many times you have work, children, your loved ones, and unexpected projects that you just have to take care of. This takes time and if we don’t administer our time wisely and work into the night, then it becomes a problem. J-lo had an experience with anxiety where she was working on a movie, recording an album, and doing videos –all at the same time. It came to the point where she was sleeping less than 5 hours a day and working almost 2 months straight without a day off to relax.20-jennifer-lopez-luminizer.w1200.h630

She began hearing her heart beating very fast, she felt a pressure in her chest, unable to move, and even her vision became blurry. The pressure of overworking herself combined with the lack of sleep was giving her severe anxiety. She landed at the hospital terrified that it was something else, but when the doctor did tests and asked her about her schedule, he came to the conclusion that she was overworking herself.