Are You Willing to Burn Off Those Split Ends?

Growing up I always had long hair and with long hair comes split ends. Sometimes it’s the way we handle our hair, too much brushing, rubber bands, blow drying, and even drying your hair too roughly with a towel. At one point or another you will get split ends. Now people are using velaterapia, which is burn hair therapy to get rid of split ends and get silky healthy hair.

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Many celebrities like Victoria Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio are using the Brazilian treatment and are very happy with the results. Velaterapia consists of twisting small sections of hair and burning off the frizzled ends with a candle in order for the hair to retain moisture.Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 1.16.58 PM

This treatment is not new, it started back in the 1960’s, back when hair products were not as available as they are today. Velaterapia is great for dry and damaged hair that’s been treated with a lot of chemical treatments including constant styling and use of different hair products.


When the hair is twisted into small sections, then put under the flame of a candle, the burning causes the damaged parts of the hair to stick out. Those damaged parts are trimmed and the rest of the hair is given a deep conditioning treatment. The burning of the damaged hair opens up hair follicles making it more receptive to nutrients, allowing the conditioning treatment to do a better job at moisturizing hair with the nutrients it needs. The treatment takes a couple of hours and you can get it done up to three times a year.

Velaterapia can run you between $180 and $200, depending on your hair length. It’s definitely not cheap and when not done properly you run the risk of burning your hair off. Remember that hair burns very fast—so do not try this at home, make sure you visit a reputable hairdresser with years of experience in velaterapia.

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