Aislinn Derbez Pregnancy Woes Include Arm Cellulite and Melanasma

Aislinn Derbez is pregnant and she’s realizing that it’s not as beautiful and glowy as she may have thought. The actress is finding that her body is changing every day and besides her belly growing every day, she’s also finding cellulite in the oddest places as well as pregnancy brown spots on her skin.

“The reason for this interesting sombrero is because my pregnancy has left me with spots on my face, dark ones. I have brown spots all over,” she says. “They say it’s normal, but I can’t be in the sun.”aislinn derbez

Melasma, or chloasma, is characterized by dark, blotchy, brown patches of skin on your forehead, upper lip, and cheeks. This common condition also referred to as the “mask of pregnancy”, affects 50- 75 % of pregnant women.

Melasma appears when a steep rise in estrogen and progesterone levels (the primary female hormones responsible for pregnancy) stimulate excess melanin production, also known as hyperpigmentation.

Another thing she’s dealing with is cellulite on her arms. She says she has cellulite and in her rib area, which is something she’s not used to having. Luckily, there are things that she can do to get rid of these pregnancy woes.