Do You Suffer From Smiling Depression?

Mental health has always been a difficult subject to discuss and many live with depression without even knowing they have it. Smiling depression is something that many keep quiet, it’s a term coined for people who are depressed but live their everyday lives in an upbeat positive fashion.

This type of depression often goes unnoticed because you never really know. The person can be extremely upbeat yet, still longing for someone to help them with their problems. According to Rita Labeaune, Psy.D, smiling depression often goes unnoticed because those suffering often brushing their feelings aside, or don’t want to seem weak.smiling depression, woman sad, woman happy

An example of someone with smiling depression is usually an individual who has their life together. This person can have an extremely successful career, a solid marriage and even goes to party once in a while but they never really are happy on the inside. These individuals often have a difficult time seeking help because society sets a standard in their eyes, which is, that their life is perfect and they shouldn’t be complaining. This is an example of just one of many people who live with smiling depression.

Here are common symptoms of what those suffering from smiling depression have to live through:

They believe they’re not good enough
They possess a poor self-image, emptiness, emotional numbness, self-critical behavior, high expectations for self/unmet expectations
Feel lost or diminished interest in or pleasure from previously enjoyed activities
Weight loss or weight gain
Under sleeping or oversleeping, fatigue
Worthlessness, guilt
Difficulty concentrating
Thoughts of death or dying