General Mills to Eliminate Artificial Ingredients By 2017

Sugar intake is a huge problem in the U.S., especially among Latinos. We have the highest rates of diabetes and it’s mostly due to eating a lot of processed foods and lack of exercise. Many companies have taken the necessary steps to increase organic and use only natural ingredients. Now General Mills is next in line because they are planning to eliminate artificial colors and flavors from their cereals by 2017. WireAP_a4a2eb9f58bc4c4f986cd23fafa895a8_16x9_992

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General Mills is the first major cereal company to replace those artificial ingredients with fruits, vegetables, and spices. Favorite cereals like Lucky Charms will now have natural ingredients like tomatoes, carrots, and turmeric, a bright and yellow spice.

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The good news is that already 60% of General Mills cereals don’t use artificial colors and flavors, like Cheerios and several Chex products. By the new year, the company will have 75% of their cereals without any artificial ingredients. By the end of 2016, they hope to have 90% of their cereals without these ingredients and the rest by the end of 2017.

It will be a challenge to see how the flavor of these cereals will be impacted, especially since these have been children’s favorites for many years. Other food companies like Subway, Hershey, Panera, Pizza Hut, and Nestle have also announced that they will be removing artificial ingreadients from a range of their products. Many times we turn over the product label and see ingredients that we can’t even pronounce. This is one of the biggest worries for consumers, because if they can’t pronounce it, they don’t want to eat it. 3895830772_84173995a9_z