Guillermo Del Toro Pays Off Biopsy Bill of Fan

Mexican film director, Guillermo del Toro opened his heart and wallet after a fan asked him for a favor on Twitter. A woman simply asked Del Toro to reTweet her friend’s GoFund me page, but the director ended up footing the entire bill.guillermo del toro

“Guillermo, can I share this link with you of a friend from Texas who needs to raise a little more than $900 for a biopsy,” Monica de la Paz wrote on Twitter. “Her insurance won’t pay for it, and she needs to know if she has relapsed from cancer. Please from one Tapatio to another!! Can you RT?”

The director could have easily retweeted the link to his 800,000 followers, but he decided to pay the entire bill and replied back with a simple message: “It’s been paid.”

Guillermo, te puedo pasar el link de una amiga de Texas que necesita ayuda para juntar poco mas de 900 dolares para una biopsia? No lo paga su seguro y necesita saber si recayo del cancer. Por favor, de tapatio a tapatia!! Le das RT? Gracias

— MonicaOP♥️🌎✝️🌼 (@MonicaOP) December 14, 2017