FreeStyle Libre Prevents Diabetics From Having To Prick Their Finger

She became the first Hispanic to use it and it’s really changed her life. It’s simplified the way she manages her diabetes because the glucose monitor that she wears on the back of her arm is very small and it eliminates the need to prick her fingers to check her glucose. You wear it for 10 consecutive days before you change a new one and anytime you want to know your blood sugar, all you have to do is swipe the reader that comes with the device that is similar to a small cell phone.




The FreeStyle Libre system utilizes innovative sensor technology and is easy to use.

No fingerstick calibration required
Small sensor, that it is 48% less bulky1 than the Dexcom G5 transmitter and sensor
No interference with medication containing acetaminophen
Painless sensor application1 and comfortable1 to wear

Your blood sugar pops up right up on the screen and not only are your blood sugar numbers on the screen but there are up and down arrows that show how stable your blood glucose is. It has a graph of what your blood sugar has been all day. When she used to check her blood sugar with a glucose meter, there were a lot more steps, she had to prick her finger, and would get just one number.  Check it out in the video below to see how it works:

“The first time I tried it, I watched the video and I was nervous about doing it wrong so I asked my husband to do it and I didn’t even feel the needle going in, it doesn’t hurt at all,” she says. “One prick every 10 days instead of 10 pricks a day on my finger!”

“I didn’t have the best control of my diabetes because of the inconvenience that it was, but now that I have the FreeStyle Libre I’m swiping my arm 20 times a day just because I can. It’s nice and convenient and I don’t even feel it on my arm.” She’s only been wearing it for a couple of weeks and when she first started using it, she took a picture of her graphs and her numbers were all over the place and now the numbers on her graph are steady, which has helped her get more control over her diabetes.FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System

“I know that a lot of Hispanics and Latinos deal with diabetes–I hold a lot of Spanish [diabetes] support groups and many of my family members have diabetes and it’s not easy to manage it. We can go on and not prick our fingers and not inconvenience ourselves but we’re never going to feel better. With a device like a Freestyle Libre, it just simplifies management and we can just start to gain control and start to feel better.”

Interested in the device? You may be eligible to try it the FreeStyle Libre system for free.