Can Dancing Speed Up Labor?

Dancing is a great form of exercise and for pregnant women, it’s a great way to get a good workout. There have been several occasions where women post videos on social media of dance routines they do with family relatives or even nurses and doctors, which are always fun to watch. One obstetrician from Brazil has even gone viral because he’s created a dance routine that can help women speed up natural labor.

Fernando Guedes has created this dance routine whose movements help stimulate contractions and help the mom relax. He’s posted videos of his dance routines such as this one:

Many times doctors send women to go for a walk when they go into labor because this physical activity, can help women go into labor. Women are actually encouraged to dance throughout their pregnancy because not only is it a good form of exercise, it also has these added benefits:

Reduces stress and tension, helping lower blood pressure and adrenaline.

Increases the flow of oxytocin, which allows labor to start naturally.