Need Health Insurance? You May Qualify Under The Special Enrollment Period

(PRNewswire) HolaDoctor launches new Spanish tools to help Hispanics to buy health insurance outside of the official enrollment period. The Health Insurance Marketplace shut its doors on February 15. However, it is still possible to acquire health insurance outside of the official enrollment period if certain conditions are met. created an interactive tool that allows people to determine in which cases and situations a person would qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, entirely in Spanish.

The Affordable Care Act states that individuals who experience particular life events have special access to the Health Insurance Marketplace and can change their plan or purchase an insurance policy for the first time outside of the official dates.

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“This interactive tool will let people know immediately if they are eligible to purchase or switch plans during the Special Enrollment Period,” said Roberto Estrada, President and CEO of HolaDoctor–. The Special Enrollment Period is a 60 day window following certain qualifying life events — such as marriage, the birth of a child or becoming a citizen, among many others.”

HolaDoctor’s tool is easy to use and can help not only the Hispanics who didn’t enroll before the official open enrollment period and were left without insurance, but also those who have already signed up and currently own insurance but who need to modify their plan due to a special life event such as a change in income.