A NutriBullet Sends Jenni Rivera’s Mom To The Hospital

Cooking accidents are almost inevitable and in many cases can send people to the hospital. The late Jenni Rivera’s mother, Rosa Saavedra recently suffered injuries to her face, neck, and chest after a NutriBullet blender she was using exploded.

Saavedra was probably making a smoothie when the NutriBullet exploded and burned her skin leaving her with some horrible injuries. “The burn got uglier. Be careful with your NutriBullet because they explode,” said Saavedra in an image she shared on Instagram.

Que se mejore ūüôŹ Repost @senora_rosa … se puso m√°s fea la quemada tengan cuidado con los nutibullet te explotan miren como me est√° quedando feo me dieron pomada pastillas

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Unfortunately, this is more common than we think. Homeland Housewares, the creator of NutriBullet is currently being sued in the U.S. by Pete Damiano, an American man who suffered severe facial injuries while making a sauce using the blender.